We really had a great time yesterday and the kids had a lot of fun .. I have fwd your mail to his class teacher for her feedback .. Her name is Allison Lingenfelter .. She will  either mail you directly or if I hear from her I shall forward it to you .
  Thank you so much  .. I highly appreciated the way they set the the time and finished everything in the time and not only was it educative it was so much entertainment .. Just not the children but v as parents also enjoyed the show.
  I am so glad his class teacher allowed us to do this .. Thank you for making it so special for my child .. I am glad I choose u'll for the party .. Your group has really made us very happy .. Special thanks on my behalf to Fanny and Mike .
  Regarding the proposal for the school you can directly talk to the head of the school .. But please don't mention about yesterday's party as maybe the teacher has not told them about it .. But yes it would be really nice if the school allow such shows for the kids at school .
Thank you

Hello.. I just heard from his class teacher .. She has sent her feedback .. Saying the show was great and the kids have a lot of fun .. She even has passed on your brochure to the elementary school principal and here is the mail forwarding it to u 4 ur reference

My apology for not responding to your mail soon.  I am sorry.
In my opinion, people that you provide for a party is always great!  I have no complains about it.  The goodie bags were also good! 
Only thing that I noticed in this party was, due to small table, half of kids were not able to see what was going on on the table (and were bored).  I should had used bigger one!  So, take this into account, I suggest you guys to ask for a table big enough for all kids to look at the same time.  Rather than that, nothing!
Thank you very much and I will contact you again in future.

Fumi Walsh
Thank you for the great science show for Sally.
Every kids really enjoyed every moments.
I do appreciate your effort.
Sally mom
나의 iPhone에서 보냄
Sally Mom
Thank you for all the arrangement for nice party.
All the kids and parents liked so much. You really made my day. Great job.
I really do appriciate.
Sally mom
Finally, I am out of party hangover!
Just wanted to thank you and your entertainers for making my son's day so special, our hearty thanks! It was a wonderful party and all the kids enjoyed so much and were not ready to leave! Our special thanks to your colleague who had come (sorry, forgot her name!), to keep the kids and even parents mesmerized all the time, she is awesome!

I had lot of good feedback for you guys and your lovely colleague, especially the way she engages the kids, sure many will contact you! We were very happy and glad that we chose you guys for the big day, you all are great, thanks again.
Warm Regards,
The party yesterday was great, all the kids enjoy it a lot. There were more kids came than expected, so I still miss few party bag, is it possible to send me 5set more? If Ok, will send you the mailing address.  Thanks !

Thanks and regards,
It was a really great party - Thanks so much to your team!!!

Maria Carne Lee
Thank you Science Explorer,
The day was fantastic. The kids had a ball, and I know some of the other parents are interested in doing this for their child
s birthday. So thank you again.

Dear All,

Thanks for your team.  They were great.  However, it could be even better as if they could reserve more time to locate the venue so as not to be late, as they also need some time to prepare the demostration and the game.  They were still nice to finish all games as planned.

Thank you so much for the wonderful science show and labs. The kids has great fun today at the party.

It was great to meet you today. The kids had a fantastic time. Thank you so much for your very fun show!
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