Kids Birthday Party Ideas Hong Kong

First we definitely need pack of glow sticks for making some bracelets and necklaces or whatever as part of costume! If you have extra glow sticks, break a couple of them and put them inside balloons for fun glowing party decoration.
Selfie game with some fun glowing glasses is also fantastic. Making Aviator style glasses are perfect and come in so many fun colors!
A Rotating Rainbow Strobe Light is perfect space decoration. Sure you will love this rainbow twirling disco light. Black lights are another alternative for throwing a glowing party.
Having each of your friends a white shirt and black light permanent markers, draw and write their own message or fun design each other. So cool!!!
Let’s try on your coming birthday party!
Are you looking forward a carnival party? Bring a fun game of paper plate ring toss and bean bag throw, your kids will have fun of it.
Camping is taken to a new level when tents are setting up at home or balcony. Inviting several pals and having snacks, fruits, candy and sandwiches will give you a special memory in this ultimate party.
Some of the best birthday party ideas can be simple, like ‘Glowing in the Dark Funniest Party’. You can turn your living room or any room into a trendy dance club by simply adding some tunes, glow sticks and a strobe light. This theme is suitable for all age range. Teens will love painting each other’s faces with glow-in-dark face paint. Little ones can make their own glow-in-th-dark Play-Doh, perfect for them to take home as a party favor!
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